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Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing


Paper Selection:

Canvas: We can print any design onto Canvas for you. We however can only print designs up to 50cm in one direction (width or length), This is to ensue that they can be stretch onto a frame. If however you want something printed on Canvas but do not want to stretch it over a frame we can print anything up to 60cm in one direction (length or width). To keep the image in proportion the legth or width is determined by the constrained length or width. See illustration below for further explanation.

large format printing illustration

Photo Paper: Professional quality photo paper in which we can print anything on at your request. The paper has a Gloss finish. For a Matte finish please refer to Poster paper.

Poster Paper: Poster paper is cheaper than Photo paper and has a Matte finish to it. So if your on a budget or just want the fantastic Matte look order Banner, Poster or Picture from us on Poster Paper.

Water Resistant Paper: Water resistant paper is as the title indicated Water Resistant. This does NOT mean the paper will survive underwater. It will be resistant to small splashes of water. We do NOT however guarantee that the paper is water resistant in any way. Water resistant paper is more expensive than Poster paper but almost half the price of Photo paper. So if you need anything in Water resistant paper visit the Contact Us page and place and order today.

Sticker Paper: We have excellent sticker paper. We can print any design onto this paper and you can take the paper off the back and use it as a sticker. We can make anything from Product labels to Bumper stickers. Give us a call to ask about the requirements of your sticker design today.

Please make sure you remember we can only print images 60cm's wide or in length. Please refer to the illustration below for further information or giver us a call.